Company strategy



1, by the end of 2012 has trained 40 sword elite, 5 elite sword in the management, 5 in the sword leadership elite;

2, the company at the end of 2014 swords elite program increase to 101 people, in the sword management elite program increased to 20 people, in the sword leadership elite program increased to 15;

3, the sword in company with 5 people in 2014, became a millionaire;

4, by the end of 2013, plans to train 80 regional manager, development country market;

5, in the sword company increased 8 in 2014 the district manager, plans to train 3 marketing department deputy director;

6, by the end of 2014 plans to train 45 people become the sword in the incentive bonus shares;

7, the company built the sword sword in modern workshop, at the end of 2014 first-class equipment, comfortable environment, sharing with the sword, relaxed and happy;

8, at the end of 2014 the company was founded in the sword sword School of business, set up 5~10 people become the sword in the business school training instructor. All the people are committed to the sword sword to build to become the first brand, the industry with passion industry listing Corporation, compose the most splendid chapter!

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