About Us



ZHEJIANG ZHONGJIAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.is located in Wenling,Zhejiang province.It is owned by Zhejiang Songle Machinery Co.,Ltd.The company is an international & professionally manufacturer which integrates development,design and production all together. It enjoys the convenient transportation of the land and the air,about 5 hours by train to Shanghai and 30 minutes to the Luqiao Air Port. Zhongjian have standardized workshop,large-scale production facility and strong producing management. About 600 units produced daily.We have more than 20 technicians and quality inspector to control the quality.

Our main products include :MMA WELDER(MOS&IGBT),TIG WELDER,MMA/TIG WELDER.AIR PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE,NB CO2 GAS SHIELDED WELDER and so on.For more information of our products you can visit:www.cnzojianwelding.com. We have obtained ISO9000,CCC,CE certificate.
The main markets are Russia,Ukraine,Germany,South America,Italy and so on.
Zhongjian adhere to :standardized produce,refining division of labor,institutionalized management,informatization feedback”as the manage rule.
Zhongjian will make best for you.

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